1. Information on Health Checkup and cancer screening in Onna village

Information on Health Checkup and cancer screening in Onna village

About Health Checkup / Stomach and Lung and Colon cancer examination


Free of charge


・Tuesday, September 12, 2017
・Sunday, Nobember 12, 2017
・Sunday, January 28, 2018


Onna Village Health and Welfare Center
※Checkup reservation is neccesary for arrangement of an English translator.

Check in time


What to bring

①Discount ticket(see below)
②Residence card

Item of health checkup

・Urine Analusis & Physical measurements(Height/Weight)
・Blood pressure
・Blood Sampling
・Questionnaire check
・Waist Measurement
・Interview and Examinatuin by doctor

Cancer Examination

Lung cancer examination / Chest x-ray
・Stomach cancer examination / Stomach x-ray with barium
・Colon cancer examination / stool examination. Please receive examination container and submit the sample on the appointed date.

Checkup reserbation vote

When you hope for a medical examination checkup,an English translator is arranged on the day.
Prease write down the required information below and please fax this form to us by 1 month before in a Checkup request date.
Checkup reservation vote

To thouse who are subject to receive stomach barium

①Do not eat (include gums) after 9 pm of the day prior to your exam.
②Do not ingest any nicotine products after 9 pm of the day prior to your exam.
③Eat food which is easy to digest on the day before your exam day.
④Do not consume any alcohol beverages on the day before your exam day.
⑤You may drink water or tea until 12:00pm of the day before your exam day.
⑥Please take your prescribed regular medications (medications for hypertention / heart disease or anticonvulsant) by 3hours before the examination.
⑦Do not take the medication for diabetes prior to your exam.
⑧Consult your doctor if you are taking insulim injections.
⑨You can take other medications after your examination.

You CANNOT proceed with the stomach barium test if.....;

①You have eaten any food in the morning before your exam.
②You are pregnant or suspected pregnancy recently.
③You are heavy constipation.
④You have gastric or intestinal operation.
⑤You are suffering from an ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.
⑥Food tends to enters the trachea.
⑦You are allergic to barium.
⑧You have experienced heavy constipation by past barium G.I. examination.
⑨You have fever or feel sick.
⑩You have high blood pressure.
 (If your brood pressure is 180/110 or over, we will cancel your examination.For whose BP is 160/100 or over, we would measure again and if the blood pressure dose not go down, we will cancel the examination.)

To OIST employees and students

If you hava completed an annual health checkup at OIST (on/off campus), you are NOT eligible for a chest x-ray or a basic health check(stomach and colon cancer are available)

Contact info for inquiries

Onna village office (Health and welfare Dicision)
TEL: 098-966-1207
※Only japanese speaker is availavle at the office.


〒904-0492 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字恩納2451番地